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Have you ever wanted something that no one could give you?  When I was voted captain of my college team, Salisbury Buzz I looked online for “training for ultimate.”  Nothing!  My team was great at strategy and skills, but we were not athletes.  When I needed info on how to train for ultimate but found that it did not exist, I decided I would go ahead and figure it out myself.  I committed myself to this and it has been my journey since 2007.

Though some may see it this way, I definitely do not “do ultimate full time. Since 2007, my life has been mostly studying, coaching and hustle-hustle-hustle, grind-grind-grind,  row-row-row.  Most of my days consist of getting up at 4:30 in the morning to coach teams or clients during the 5 – 9 AM hours, going to the office to read, study and program, then doing it all over again through the evening.  Weekends over the past couple years have been filled mostly with training conferences or seminars. I’ve moved around the country in order to study under the best strength coaches I could access.  This kind of hustle and focus is what it takes on the owning the craft side of things.

When I decided I wanted to be fully self-employed, I had to go through another education process to learn how business works.  I read books, talked to successful business people, attended workshops, invested my own money, built a team, and learned task delegation. That, and I worked, worked, worked, slept, and then worked some more.

Business is about finding a gap in a market and filling that need by bringing value.  Many people go out and look for that gap in the market for the purposes of making money.  If money is the main reason you go into business, you will likely fail.  You have to be driven by a passion to bring value to people and make a change in the world.  My business is 100 % passion-driven because I know I am bringing value.  The more value I bring, the more I win.

You should create the products that you wish you had.  If I would have had The Foundation when I started as a strength coach, wow! I would have been like a kid in a candy shop.  If I would have had FUTURE 1.0 when I started playing and coaching ultimate, I would have been able to save myself and my athletes from many unnecessary injuries and sure has heck would have had played far better ultimate.  This is why there is so much passion behind these products and why they have done so well: I created what I—and many others— needed.

I credit my success to hard work, sacrifice, having a passion-driven vision that I refine each day, being generous, and taking care of all relationships.  Taking care of the relationships may be the most important piece.  I’ve written hundreds of thank you cards, and I take every opportunity to help those who have helped me.  I try to answer every single email, Tweet and Facebook message I receive.

Captaining Your Ship vs. Riding the Wave: Entrepreneurship is Not for Everyone

Entrepreneurship is not for the average person. You have to be willing to work harder than most people are willing to work. You have to be willing to sacrifice and give a lot up— playing ultimate every weekend, for example, but also your social life, job security, and the chance at a consistent paycheck.  It is difficult and it requires consistent self-analysis, delayed gratification, investment of time and money, and emotional energy.

This can be a scary thought to some people. Many people would rather receive a consistent paycheck, save for retirement and be told what to do.  Not me. I’ll take the chance.

I feel this is an absolute gift because I create my life. I do what I want to do every day. If you decide that you want to captain your own ship and steer your life then you will have to embrace this. I’ve always admired folks who are oriented in the present moment like yogis and practitioners of eastern religions.  But that’s not the mindset of an entrepreneur, and it has taken me a while to fully embrace this.  I am always thinking about what is next and what we can do better; it’s a cycle of “do, reflect, improve, repeat.” I don’t know any entrepreneurs who don’t constantly read self-help and business books.  I cannot validate watching TV or reading a novel.  To me, it’s a waste of time when I could be learning.

Business in Ultimate

Is it possible to create ultimate specific business?  Absolutely! But ask yourself: “why?” If it’s because you just want to play ultimate, it won’t work. You have to have a burning desire to genuinely bring value to your fellow brother and sisters.  In fact, you’ll likely have to be willing to not play ultimate for a period of time time while you hustle to build your business model.  The world is what you make it.

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Issue No. 3 | Business

January 6, 2014