Issue No. 2 | World Games

Coaches Alex “Dutchy” Ghesquiere and Matty Tsang selected 20 players for the the United States National Team in late March, and the team practiced through the spring in preparation for the World Games in Cali, Colombia in late July. The team swept the tournament and returned home with gold.

The 13 traveling members of the United States National Team, along with the seven alternates that pushed them to excel, achieved ultimate’s greatest honor together. In this issue, ten of those players, along with Ghesquiere and team photographer Micah Tapman, share major takeaways from their transformational experience as well as insight on what got them to there in the first place.

The topics are diverse, ranging from Ghesquiere’s account on how the National Team shaped its identity, to practical instruction on throwing practice from Alex Snyder, to an honest account on the heartache of being cut by Anna Nazarov — and much more.  They all have moments of genuine real talk, hard-hitting sentences and poignant paragraphs that give peeks into the inner monologues of ultimate’s best.

Presenting our World Games Issue is a privilege. Please enjoy, and if you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

Photos from this issue are from 2013 World Games and by CBMTCreative. All photos by Micah Tapman. 

Issue No. 2 | World Games

October 2, 2013

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